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the scene whores
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Welcome to the Scene_whores community!!


1. Be Emo.
2. Only apply if you are 13 or older.
3. Do not be an ass hole.
4. Love the Mods.
5. Type I <3 Emo Whores for the subject while applying.
6. Put application questions in bold.
7. Wait 1-2 days to be Accepted or Rejected after applying.
8. If rejected, you must leave the community immediately.
9. If accepted, stay active and vote for acceptance or rejection of others.
10. Posts can be pictures, about bands, any shows you have gone to, any bands you would like to promote.
11. Community promotions are allowed.
12. Have fun.


1. Name:
2. Age and Birthday:
3. Location:
4. Hobbies:
5. Music:
6. Favorite Bands:
7. Favorite Foods:
8. Favorite Books:
9. Favorite Movies:
10. Favorite Female Vocalist:
11. Favorite Male Vocalist
12. Favorite Song Lyric:

13. Bush
14. Abortion
15. Drugs
16. Drinking

More Questions:
17. Are you in a band? If so, what is the name of it, and what kind of music do you play in it?
18. Why do you think you should be a part of this community?
19. Promote us in 2 communities
20. Post 3 or more pictures.

The Mods

Anthony- Weaponscanspeak

John- Tv_fucktest

Aaron- Saints_sailors